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Making accordian fold notebooks - the results!

WIPP - The Waste Isolation Pilot Project - maps, poems, comments, photos - and there may be a massive new site at the New Mexico-Texas border that will include HIGH LEVEL WASTE, an eternal detriment to all of us!

Poem on Cards then shuffle and read
My first extensive venture into ceremonial text performance! LG
In honor and respect and love to . . . .

Blue Spaceman's Spacecraft with Breast Cpckpit and Floating Fish, Rainbow Dildos and Screwy Message for Earth!

Heading 6
Accurate drawings of auras as they appeared - with commentary from notebooks
I struggled Jung and more all summer and this is it!

Is this Roswellian an avant-garde Performance Poet?

In the PDF viewer choose
Page View, TWO pages
and use Pg Down to read like a book!
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