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Program Notes of HEROIC EXPOSURES, New Plays Written & Directed by Larry Goodell & Bill Pearlman, performed at the Vortex Theater, in 1976, Albuquerque. "I am interested in a Poets' Theater here, actualizing the voices of my poetry on the stage, or platform. Simply the excitement of words in dance, the play and byplay of the poem as it bounces out of my head. "  LG

​​ALFALFA by Larry Goodell (a Radio Play written in October 1975 for Marcia, Jim, & Dickson) Jim Burleson, Dickson Newberry, Marcia Latham, Larry Goodell, Recording Engineer: Ned Sublette 

BODY PALACE by Larry Goodell (a Play for Two Women) XE'S: Conni Weldon, Sister Method: Terry Boren. A FIFTH APART by Larry Goodell (a Concert Play for Two Leaders and Chorus) Leader 1: Larry Goodell,  Leader 2: Ned Sublette, Chorus: Paul Lott, Connie Varola, Jane Wynn, Nick DeBona 

THE FOOTBALL GAME by Larry Goodell (a Responsive Reading for Leader & Chorus) Leader: Bill Foster, Chorus: Connie Varola,  Paul Lott, Jane Wynn, Larry Goodell  

Also, BILLY THE KID IN BED WITH HIS STEREOTYPEPECOS BILL (freeform adaptation) EACH OTHER and plays to be performed even spontaneously. Duende Press 2019 222 pp. $12 

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