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A New Land comes out of the late 60's when colorful, open-minded young people begin moving in and finding abandoned or cheap places to rent, forming communes, building wild dwellings, taking over the local bar and building it into a music mecca for the Southwest. The poet goes to New Buffalo in Arroyo Hondo while right in Placitas Village there is The Lower Farm, Manera Nueva and Towapa. Dried Apricots explores the crazier parts of Goodell’s brain where anything goes and the unleashed verbal input knows no bounds. There's a multi-gender base that keeps moving through his work as Earth consciousness continually beats like a drum.


Samurai Dog Biscuits and Rodeo Guts reflect fragmentary assaults to a his thinking while working and while at home with his muse. Other short prose pieces scatter out satire as well as some biography and commentary. A New Land and other writings range from 1968 to 1980 in this native New Mexican's life.

205 pages, paperback,

duende press 2019

$15 from Amazon Books.

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