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      Robert Creeley introduced me to Ann Quin in his home in Placitas, New Mexico. Bob and Bobbie (Louise Hawkins) and children lived in their adobe house in the old land grant Village. 

      Ann and I hit it off! We were close in age - she born in '36 and me in '35. I was independent and free, as she was, and she couldn't at that time drive so we talked endlessly, drank Earl Gray tea and Teacher's Scotch and dined together and danced, danced, danced - especially at the Thunderbird Bar in Placitas that was open to musicians and locals and everyone. The letters tell the story  since she travelled much and we continued to write each other - but then she was driven to take her life at 37, a major shock in my life.  I am thrilled to make these letters of hers (and lesserly, my rather spasmodic letters) available. Love to her memory and her great exploratory writing!  

The book is $15 from Amazon and is 181 pages.                                       larry goodell



photo by Oswald Jones - thank you!

Ann Quin photographer unknown Larry Goodell collection.tif
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