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On June 20th 2010 I entered my 75th year on this planet so I'm dedicating this year to doing what I most want to do and some friends have urged me to do: making available as much work as I can through whatever means I can.


The visage of a Complete Poems hangs over my head then shrinks to a Selected Poems then simply disappears through probably no fault but my own.


But duende digital books is a stumbling reality and until hard book printing actually opens its door to me my limited efforts will have to do.


I think the BOOK is our species' greatest creation and I will always favor an actual book over anything that can be unplugged.


I welcome any comments, suggestions, interpolations on this subject.

Correction:  now I'm 85 -

portrait by Gene McClain

All Of Love

Larry Goodell


For my 75th birthday I am making available All Of Love, 155 sonnets (song-nets) in its entirety.


I wrote All Of Love in somewhat serial fashion 1987 & 1988. I thoroughly enjoyed the 14 line limit tho there were a few over runs. But counting the lines and thinking of the 14th as a closure was simply delicious. And it was so much fun to have as my goal 155 (one more than Shakespeare). . . . .


Thanks to Jeff Bryan & Cirrelda of La Alameda Press for publishing many of these poems as Here On Earth ( 59 Sonnets).


This link will take you to All Of Love which can be viewed various ways. I like "book" but the "print" is larger with other views.

ALL OF LOVE  (you can read some pages but you can download  the entire 155 sonnet cycle for $4! See a good sample here: 

Dean of American Composters


I wrote this on Aaron Copland's 85th Birthday November 14th, 1985, although I'm not sure what it has to do with the composer. I made it available as a broadside from Euphoria Press in Akmak, Arizona (psuedonym for duende press, placitas, new mexico), 5 pages so the recording is over 7 minutes!.


Since I've played the piano off and on, with an interest in the meanderings of the avant garde and organic gardening, and since I don't like pomposity, I really like this poem. (I had no idea what to think of it until I sat down and recorded and heard it.) I'll make the text available when I can.

My Duendebook offerings 70 booklets, books, broadsides, essays . . . . 


Look at "Shipwrecked on Spicer Island," for instance, just a broadside but finally available with Lenore Goodell's drawing of these important poetry locales . . . I like the "full page" & "book" settings.

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