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T H E   S E A   W E   W E R E

(Through the Everglades--for Guy Bradley

who died trying to stop the rape of the egrets)


I wrote this in 1984 after a trip to Florida. We took our rental car through as much of the Everglades as we could. Now I'm thinking of the current rape of the ocean, rape of sea life by the oil industry and American & world-wide greed (but doesn't just about everybody think about that?).

NOTE: this 6:33 minutes long!

(but there are controls on the box or you can stop it)


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Joanne Kyger, Allen Ginsberg, Janine Pommy-Vega, Bobby Byrd, Howard McCord, Larry Goodell, Margaret Randall, Simon Ortiz, Luci Tapahonso, Don McIver, Gary Brower, Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, Mary Oishi, Tani Arness, Anne Macnaughton, Peter Rabbit, Jim Fish, Lisa Gill, and many more and many more to come.


A Song About Killing

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A Piece About Creativity

I consider my songs totally unrelated to my poetry. Lyrics are lyrics, kind of like writing rhymed prose, at least for me. Hard to write and always disappointing, while poems are easy to write and usually satisfying if not thrilling. Also I have no voice at all, as was pointed out to me by my Harmony & Solfeggio teacher at USC in 1955. But nothing will stop me from having fun at the piano.

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