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             in his words

Letters between two friends - Ann Quin British novelist and traveler,  Larry Goodell poet rooted in New Mexico  - close

friends  open their hearts and their minds to each other.  Quin died at only  37, a tragic loss to energetically creative

fiction and to  all her friends  and admirers.                order from Amazon                 duende press, placitas, new mexico, usa


in her own words

ALL Available Now - 2024


A New Land, new edtion - novels & spoofs $15    Dance Book poetry/dance collaborations with photos $12   Making It 1968 poems & unique performance Poems in color $12


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Collaboration poems with dancer-choreographer Lee Connor

in the ecstatic 80's dance world of New Mexico. Here are the poems

and photographs - Lorn Macdougal, Licea Perea the Danzantes

the Spirit duende drive!



MAKING IT reveals the performance creative poem-making era of  the late 60's in my New Mexico world - box poem, ceremonial fool poem, hand-crafted  book, in color.  

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